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Evaluation of Community Engagement

Evaluation of community engagement resources

There are a number of approaches for evaluating community capacity and engagement with a UK or US emphasis. In addition, most are focused on community health and development projects, rather than specifically on community engagement with research.

Burns and Taylor 2000 Auditing community participation: an assessment guide

Developed for engagement in community regeneration in the UK, it has a systematic approach to assessing levels of community participation and uses a variety of audit tools to assess extent and quality of dialogue, debate and learning among those involved in the partnerships. Includes a simple diagram of the partnership process and a useful set of aspirational indicators across five levels or areas of measurement with associated tools.



Evaluation Toolbox: community sustainability engagement: a one stop site for evaluation of community sustainability engagement projects run by community organisations or local government. A useful general resource for evaluating community focused work.

Includes A short guide to monitoring and evaluation (19 pages) covering the basics of planning and evaluation, data collection and reporting.



Citizen Science Toolbox/URP Toolbox: an online toolbox of over 60 community engagement tools – from public meetings to consensus conferences, aiming to enhance ‘stakeholder participation in decision-making’. It also includes case studies and an annotated list of related research.



Making a difference: a guide to evaluating public participation in central government, Involve. Focuses on the process of public and community consultation and engagement with UK policy. Includes steps in evaluation planning and data gathering and analysis. Addresses different ‘depths’ and purposes of engagement with public and communities and methods appropriate for each with practical examples.



Community Based Participatory Research - guide to ethical principles and practices. NCCPE and Centre for social justice and community action Durham University. Not a practical guide to evaluation, but does look at general principles and rationale for community involvement and some of the challenges. Includes a useful list of the range of things that should be made explicit, addressed and agreed among partners in a community engagement initiative.


These introductory resources have been developed by Robin Vincent as part of supporting the Wellcome Trust linked community of practice on evaluation of public and community engagement.

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