Ethics & Engagement across the Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programmes

GHBN Senior Research Fellows

One GHBN Senior Research Fellow at each Programme in Africa and Asia is responsible for conducting research on ethics-related issues relevant to their region.

Deborah Nyirenda, GHBN Research Fellow with MLW

[More information coming soon!]

Jennifer Ilo Van Nuil, GHBN Research Fellow with OUCRU, Viet Nam
At OUCRU, Dr. Van Nuil is based in the Clinical Trials Unit conducting ethnographic and social science studies within the context of ongoing and upcoming clinical trials and also works closely with the Public Engagement Unit.

Primus Che Chi, GHBN Research Fellow/Senior Researcher with KEMRI-WT In the coming years I will be developing and conducting research with a broad focus on ethics-related issues in the context of international health research in low-and-middle income country (LMIC) settings. My main research focus will be on developing and conducting social science research on the ethics of Controlled Human Infection Models (CHIM) in Kenya and possibly other LMICs; exploring the practical social and ethical implications of such studies with the goal of contributing to policy and practice.

Manono Luthuli, GHBN Research Fellow/ Senior Social Science Research Assistant at AHRI, South Africa: Manono is conducting the social science work with a large population survey at AHRI - a genomic/NCD study. He will be recruiting participants for a qualitative evaluation of the pilot phase of the study, then conducting interviews, transcribing and assisting with the coding of data and writing up. 

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