Ethics & Engagement across the Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programmes


- Minimum standards for engagement consultation group- The Mesh community are conducting a consultation on proposed minimum standards for community engagement in development and humanitarian settings.

- The first GHBN Africa Regional Meeting was successfully hosted by MLW and held in Malawi from 18-20th September, 2018. For a draft programme, click here.

- The second GHBN Asia Regional Ethics Conference was hosted by OUCRU-Nepal, and took place in Nepal from 22-24 January, 2019.

- The website for the new Wellcome Centre in Ethics & Humanities is here: https://www.weh.ox.ac.uk/  Based at the University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute, the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities responds to a pressing need for ethics and humanities research on the challenges presented by advances in neuroscience, big data, genomics and global connectedness, and by their convergence.

-The sixth annual Global Health Bioethics Network Spring School took place from 25th-29th September at the Blue Waters Hotel in Durban. Topics of conversation included human challenge studies, ethical issues in genomics and infectious diseases, the needs of fieldworkers, and much more. The workshop was a great success.

- 2017 Bursary Application Form - Download here: Bursary_application_form_2017.docx

Project report/blog from the March 2017 Evaluating Engagement Workshop

- Project report/blog from the March 2017 Evaluating Engagement Workshop: implications for gender and ethics

- Regional workshop on Bioethics and Engagement in Health Research, MORU, Bangkok, was held on 6-8th June, 2017.

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