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HDSS Ethics: Getting a Lay of the Land - Project Update

Most countries in Africa lack effective civil registration systems. This means that many people in these countries live and die without important data about their lives being collected. In the absence of these data, the planning and implementation of various health and social programmes can be difficult.

A Health and Demographic Surveillance System longitudinally monitors births, deaths, pregnancy outcomes, migrations and other vital events in a geographically defined population. There…


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End of project report

Dear Colleagues

I hope this post finds you in good health. Please find my end of project report for your perusal. 

1. Summary of your project, results, and outputs

The project had three main objectives, namely: (i) to conduct a desk review of related literature with a view to develop a conceptual framework for the project; (ii) to conduct interviews with experts in…


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Update of the Project: Project: CARE: Community Attitudes towards Research Ethics

Good morning everyone from Siem Reap,

I really hope that you are doing well. I am now updating the CARE project. I would like to say thank you to everyone for you comment and support.

Summary of the project

The aim of the project was to…


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Progress on the Bio2USER study --- Some insights from the data

Hi Collegues,

I am delighted to let you know that I successfully completed the data collection a few months ago. At the moment I am in the process of drafting my manuscript for publication. There are a lot of interesting insights coming out from the data and I can’t wait to share with you at the upcoming summer school in September.

In a snap shot; BioUSER study has revealed that implementation of biometrics within a health care system in Malawi and possibly other developing…


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Vaccine hesitancy

Hi everyone,

Mary Chambers at OUCRU is starting to work in some rural communities where there is vaccine hesitancy.  She is looking for literature on CE around this issue, and also whether anyone has examples of consent forms for vaccine trials in children?

Her questions are:

1.    Do you know anyone who is working on this subject that she can get in touch with?

2. Can anyone please send her advice, literature tips, or any other suggestions on this…


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Project update: Ethical concerns over the analysis and storage of excised human tissue

We work across 2 hospitals in Kwa-Zulu Natal to better understand the HIV and TB co epidemic at the site of infection. In interactions with surgeons several questions were raised about the research and surgical consent process has on each other and a patient’s willingness to consent to these processes.  This project is therefore focused around a surgical health care worker’s perspective of the consent process. We have applied to our local ethics committee for approval to start this study at…


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Update from Malawi

I’ve now been in post at MLW for over 15 months, so Dina’s encouragement to write a blog was a good prompt to reflect on what we’ve done in that time. I have three main areas of work with GHBN links: evaluating science communication activities, supporting GHBN bursary projects, and wider ethics research. I’ll say a little about each in turn.

Part of my role involves supporting monitoring and evaluation of MLW’s science communication. Regina and others in the Science Communication team…


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Fieldworkers' study at Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust

My study’s focus is on ethical challenges faced by fieldworkers, it is one of its kind here in Malawi because so far there’s no study that has targeted fieldworkers.  The study has delayed for a while due to other reasons beyond my control but at present am happy to share that it’s progressing.  Fieldworkers, Study Coordinators and Principal Investigators are involved, the main objectives are to understand ethical issues surrounding Fieldworkers in their day to day work, their…


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Project Progress

I hope that you are all well. Just wanted to share with you about some progress on my project on ASSENTING. I submitted my protocol to LSTM and has come with some feedback and am working on that. One of them is: suggesting the use of visual cues for children's interviews/FGDs. Just wanted to hear your views on how this can apply in the interviews and FGDs as suggested. Especially from those of you who have done similar work before. Your views will be greatly appreciated.

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Puppet show in Thailand

If you happen to be in Thailand Oct-Dec 2016, catch the Puppet Theatre on Antimicrobial Resistance and Research with Children. This a collaboration  between the Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) and B-Floor. Theatre Production.

The dates and venues are as follows:
29 - 30 October and 12 – 13 November, 2016 at 17.00 hrs
Bangkok Theatre Festival - Center Stage, Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre (BTS National Stadium)

Added by Phaik Yeong Cheah on October 11, 2016 at 11:30 — 1 Comment

Progress of the bursary project on translation

Dear all

We are delighted to have been awarded the GHBN bursary to look at the best practice in Strengthening the Processes for Informed Consent Translation to Enhance Communication. We are proposing to describe the processes and experiences of translating Informed Consent Forms (ICFs) across different research studies and teams at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, develop a glossary of translated terms for difficult words, phrases and scientific terminologies used in…


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Update on my project

Dear all,

Trust you are keeping well. This is just to update you on my progress with my project. It seems I am still struggling to finish the manuscript. I took a small break from it and see whether going back to the data will bring any fresh perspectives worth sharing with the 'world'. I feel the break worked and am on it now hoping in a week or two will have something to share again with my co-authors.

Best regards


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Ethical workshop in Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Dear all,

I do hope you are doing fine. I would like to share with you the progress of our activity. 

In mid of June, we organised a haft day Ethics workshop for ethical committee (EC) members from hospitals and institutions in Hochiminh City. The most successful section was a one-hour discussion on "challenges that members are facing during their work". 

Participants focused their dilemma between multiple roles: being research’s management, hospital’s management and…


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Village drama against malaria

Hi Everyone,

Please see link to our very cool engagement project in rural Cambodia. we are using science theatre to engage local people. http://www.tropmedres.ac/using-drama-to-fight-malaria-in-rural-cambodia

Please also visit our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/dramaagainstmalaria

Phaik Yeong

Added by Phaik Yeong Cheah on July 11, 2016 at 11:15 — 3 Comments

Protocol amendment approval!

Dear Colleagues,

Because of delays in beginning participant recruitment in our bursary project, we'd missed two trials in our sampling framework as they had completed their studies at the time we began participant enrollment and we needed to replace them with a new trial. That required protocol amendment to include a new trial and we've just received the ethics approval this week. This will be our last group to complete IDIs (8 in total) and 1 FGD with the trial staff.



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CARE Update

Hello everyone, Good morning!

Thank you everyone for your support. For CARE project, the interview and the focus group discussion from the hospital site are very interesting. After getting permission from the district level,I am now really looking forwards to the community to meet and interview the village headmen. From the interviews so far, everyone has said that village headmen are the first ever men that researchers should meet before conducting any research in the community. If he…


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Project update

Dear colleagues

Just to inform you that i have been given a provisional  ethics approval on condition that i get the green light from the Africa Centre Community Advisory Board (CAB). My presentation to the CAB is scheduled for the 26th of May. It has been a long and winding road to get the requisite approvals but its surely coming to an end. 

Kind regards


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Training and Engagement activities

Dear all,

I hope you are doing well. Just a quick update on what I am doing now. We have just held 2 days (11 and 12 April) Data Sharing workshop in the North (Hanoi) of Vietnam. The workshop included 20 members from ethical committee of 5 different institutions and 2 guests from the Ministry of Health (MoH). All participants spent the whole day 1 on discussing the challenges, issues, identify where we are in the process of data sharing in Vietnam context.…


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My Experience with manuscript writing

One of the main outcomes of my bursary is a manuscript from the project " ‘Facing Our Fears’: Facilitated Film Viewings as a Community Engagement Tool in Research  involving MSM in Kenya". I already shared first draft with co-authors and received their feedback... I must say I received very tough criticism which I am glad because its an indication that they read the paper. Moreover it was constructive criticism that is helping shape the next draft and results I can bet will be a better…


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My new position in Science communication department.

Last time i shared about a progress of my study on my blog but today i would like to acknowledge all my colleagues and members of this network. On 1st April i started working as a Community Engagement Coordinator in Science communication department. I believe this has been achieved by experiences and knowledge i have gained through collaborations and interaction within this Bioethics network. One of my key roles in this new position is to establish a platform for supporting Fieldworkers at…


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