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Engaging with communities’ worlds, or asking them to engage in ours? Ideas on participation & power from the Health Systems Global 2018 symposium

I had the great privilege of attending the Health Systems Global Symposium in Liverpool last October. GHBN-ers were there in force, with Sassy, Dorcas, Maureen and others running excellent, thought-provoking and packed sessions on ethics as part of the Health Systems Global Technical Working Group on the Ethics of Health Systems Research. You can read more about their sessions at…


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Update from Malawi

I’ve now been in post at MLW for over 15 months, so Dina’s encouragement to write a blog was a good prompt to reflect on what we’ve done in that time. I have three main areas of work with GHBN links: evaluating science communication activities, supporting GHBN bursary projects, and wider ethics research. I’ll say a little about each in turn.

Part of my role involves supporting monitoring and evaluation of MLW’s science communication. Regina and others in the Science Communication team…


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