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Vaccine hesitancy

Hi everyone,

Mary Chambers at OUCRU is starting to work in some rural communities where there is vaccine hesitancy.  She is looking for literature on CE around this issue, and also whether anyone has examples of consent forms for vaccine trials in children?

Her questions are:

1.    Do you know anyone who is working on this subject that she can get in touch with?

2. Can anyone please send her advice, literature tips, or any other suggestions on this…


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Update from Elvis at MLW: Plans for Fieldworkers' Fellowship

Last year there were a number of hiccups that made this project delay; one of them was obtaining ethical approval and this even affected other activities line up on the timeline.  As the year is just starting, we will make sure that other remaining activities such as data collection are prioritized. As shared in the previous blog, everything is set except for a few areas needing final touches other than that i look forward to another successful year.

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On-line ethics training: experiences of a health systems researcher

This is a blog post by Maureen Njue. This blog post (as well as the comment by Liam Boggs that follows it) originally appeared on the RESYST website here:…


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Young people's voices go global: ethics, collaboration and engagement in international health research

Dear All,

I invite you to read a terrific blog post by Bobbie Farsides about our recent summer school in Malawi!


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Calling all GHBN Members: Photo Competition!

Picturing gender, ethics and health systems: A photo competition  

The aim of this competition, organised by Research in Gender and Ethics (RinGs), a new cross-RPC partnership between Future Health SystemsReBUILD and RESYSTis to capture the everyday stories of the ways that gender…


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e-MOPs Activity


Welcome to the e-MOPs Activity Blog! This is where I will post links to all the latest activity on e-MOPs. If you'd like to receive automatic updates when new content goes up, please click the 'follow' button at the bottom of this blog.

Please note that if you do not follow this blog you will not receive regular updates of activity on e-MOPs as I will no longer be sending out mass emails summarising new activity.

Today - Weds 30th July 2014, the…


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Strategic media partnerships in health research: Radio listening clubs in Malawi

By Sally Theobald, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK

The Malawi Broadcasting Corporation – MBC - has established 122 radio listening clubs across the nation. MBC works through district and traditional structures to establish these clubs, which aim to bring the voices and experiences of Malawian communities to the airwaves. Programme director, Joshua Chirwa, explained how radio listening clubs work to engage different individuals within communities, uplift livelihoods…


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Ethics & Gender: reflections from the Global Health Bioethics Network Summer School in Malawi by Sally Theobald

Blog post by: Sally Theobald, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

What is the global health bioethics network?

 The Global Health Bioethics Network is a collaboration between the five Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programmes (MOPs) in Kenya, Thailand-Laos, South Africa, Vietnam, and Malawi and the Ethox Centre at the University of Oxford. Funded through a Wellcome Trust Strategic Award, the Network aims to: promote and support ethical reflection within MOPs;…


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Tak Community Ethics Board turns 5

The Tak Province Community Ethics Advisory Board (T-CAB) celebrated its 5th birthday on 18 January. Established 8 Jan 2009, T-CAB is made up of Karen border community members. Mainly facilitated by Drs.Khin Maung Lwin and Phaik Yeong Cheah, T-CAB is an important sounding board for MORU¹s Shoklo Medical Research Unit (SMRU}, which consults T-CAB on health and research…


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First medical bioethics workshop held in Laos

In July 2013, LOMWRU saw its first Medical Bioethics Workshop in Vientiane. The workshop was jointly organized by LOMWRU, MORU and the Ethox Centre.

Drs Mayfong and Paul who were part of the workshop, provided this report:

“The Ethics Workshop held in Vientiane, Laos between 22nd – 24th July 2013 by the world expert team from the Ethox Centre of

University of Oxford was the first and unique opportunity for Lao health researchers and professionals to learn and share…


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Aiming higher for children living without parents

Read Ariella Binik's latest post on the Ethox blog here: http://www.ethox.org.uk/ethox-blog

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Should we be concerned with the extinction of the Asian rhinoceros?

Read the latest Ethox blog post by Angeliki Kerasidou here:


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Photos from the summer school!

Photos from the latest summer school in Bangkok are now up in the 'PowerPoint Slides from 2013 group'! Do let me know if any of you have trouble accessing it, or, if you are not a member of that group but would still like to view the photos.

Thanks to everyone for such a fantastic week!


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2nd Annual Summer School off to a great start!

The Global Health Bioethics Network 2nd Annual Summer School began this week! In the first two days this group of 38 participants from at least ten different countries has bonded over shared interests in ethics, community engagement, and other issues affecting health research in low income countries. Vibrant and passionate discussions have taken place on topics such as payments and benefits to research participants, ethical issues encountered in the field by frontline data collectors, and…


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The ethics of medical practice on the frontline of austerity

The newest Ethox blog post has been written by two e-MOPs members - Angeliki Kerasidou and Patricia Kingori. It focuses on 'The ethics of medical practice on the frontline of austerity.'

You can access the blog here: http://www.ethox.org.uk/ethox-blog

Do feel free to share your thoughts and comments on it!

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Summer School agenda

The latest version of the summer school agenda and initial logistics for the summer school in Bangkok can now be found by hovering your mouse over the 'Events' tab and clicking on 'Summer School 2013', or by visiting the page here: http://e-mops.ning.com/page/summer-school-2013

If you have any questions, let me know!

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Views on Consent in research in Vietnam

Read the latest Ethox blog by one of our e-MOPs members, Binh Nguyen Thi Cam! The title is: 'Cultural issues in obtaining informed consent: what do they mean for the standard of practice?'

You can find Binh's blog post here: http://www.ethox.org.uk/ethox-blog

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New Updates!

Hi everyone!

I just thought I'd share with you a couple of updates to the website.

New information about this year's summer school is now available here.

The draft of a revised version of the Declration of Helsinki is out! We have until mid-June to contribute our thoughts. Share your opinions in our new group:…


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New Publications!

Check out the latest publications being put out by the MOPs!


MORU and Ethox have put out an article on community advisory boards in the Thai-Myanmar border; Kilifi have articles on the FEAST study, on sickle cell (available shortly) and a set of articles in Developing World Bioethics. Congratulations to our MOP researchers on these recent publications!

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Therapeutic misconception in research in developing countries

Read the Ethox Centre's newest blog post by Angeliki Kerasidou on therapeutic misconception in research in developing countries here: http://www.ethox.org.uk/ethox-blog

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