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One down, one to go!!!

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year! Hope you have all been well.

From the Benefits and Payments study, we have been working on two manuscripts and I’m happy to report that we finally got one of the papers published in PLOS ONE in December, 2014. I’m currently working on finalizing the second manuscript and I hope and pray that it will soon be published.

Below is a link, if you'd like to read the paper…


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Benefits and payments update

Hi everyone,

Hope you have all been keeping well.

It’s been a while since my last bursary update. As a quick reminder, my project was aimed at exploring the views of community members regarding benefits and payments provided in research studies in Kilifi through a consultative process. We aim to use the findings of this study to inform the development of programme guidelines regarding how benefits and payments are planned and implemented in Kilifi.

We completed our data…


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Christmas Update!!!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you have all been well.

As earlier reported, we finished our data collection in May 2013 and we managed to hold a total of 5 workshops and 16 small group discussions with 90 people from various community groupings in Kilifi.

We presented some preliminary findings at the Summer school in Bangkok in July of this year as well as at the Oxford Tropical Network Meeting held in Kilifi in early November, 2013.

We have finished our data analysis and…


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Benefits study update

Hello everyone,

Hope you have been keeping well. Kindly follow the link to view the Benefits study update.  Benefits study Update

Looking forward to seeing you all at the summer school.



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What we've been up to in the benefits study!!!!

Hi all,

Hope you have been well. Below is a short summary of what we've been up to in Kilifi regarding the Benefits study.

The project aims to explore the community views on the way benefits to participants should be planned and implemented in research.

From the outset we aimed to hold workshops and small group discussions with various purposively selected community groups. So far, we have engaged 2 groups and have held 2 workshops each lasting half a day and 4 small…


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Benefits and Payments study update

Hi everyone,

Hope you have all been keeping well. 

We have been making progress with the benefits and payments study. We are still at the very initial stages of setting up our study. All the same, we have set a timeline for the different stages of the study. We will be starting off, end of this month, with a workshop with our community facilitators. We aim to use this workshop to work together with our experienced facilitators in helping us think through some of the planned…


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