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Puppet show in Thailand

If you happen to be in Thailand Oct-Dec 2016, catch the Puppet Theatre on Antimicrobial Resistance and Research with Children. This a collaboration  between the Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) and B-Floor. Theatre Production.

The dates and venues are as follows:
29 - 30 October and 12 – 13 November, 2016 at 17.00 hrs
Bangkok Theatre Festival - Center Stage, Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre (BTS National Stadium)

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Village drama against malaria

Hi Everyone,

Please see link to our very cool engagement project in rural Cambodia. we are using science theatre to engage local people. http://www.tropmedres.ac/using-drama-to-fight-malaria-in-rural-cambodia

Please also visit our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/dramaagainstmalaria

Phaik Yeong

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What is a fair offer?

Hi everyone! Who is going to the EACME in Leuven? I am hoping to go and have submitted an abstract what is a fair offer when it comes to research with children in low-income settings. The UK Nuffield Council on Bioethics report on Children and Clinical Research stressed the importance of the requirement of fair offer when inviting children to participate in research. What does everyone think?

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Ethics Workshop in Myammar

HI everyone,

I will be running an research ethics workshop in Yangon for the Military Medical Research Conference. It is only a one day workshop as a pre-conference activity. 

Phaik Yeong

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crowd funding for clinical trials

Hi everyone,

what do you think of crowd funding for clinical trials? 


Phaik Yeong

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Evaluation of our CAB

Hi everyone, as you know Khin Maung Lwin and I are working with the community advisory board on the Thai-Myanmar border. I am going to present a paper at the American Society of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine meeting next week in Philadelphia. It is about key success indicators against which we think we should evaluate our CAB.

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Severe malaria in children

Hi everyone,

I am writing a paper on the development of drugs for severe malaria in children. 

Although important progress has been made during the last decade, severe falciparum malaria remains a major cause of mortality, especially in children under five in sub-Saharan Africa. Even with the current first line treatment, parenteral artesunate, mortality remains high at around 10%. It is clear that new drugs are needed. Artesunate was first evaluated in healthy volunteers for…


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Are children always vulnerable research participants?

Hi everyone

I have been asked to submit a paper to the Asian Bioethics Review special issue on vulnerability. in this paper, I argue that the blanket categorization of children as vulnerable research subjects is ethically problematic. I don't want to reveal too much as the paper is under review now! But happy to hear if you have any thoughts.


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Bill Gates and I

In November 2014, I presented a poster on valid consent for adolescents at the 63rd annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine meeting in New Orleans. The ASTMH annual conference is the biggest meeting for researchers working in tropical medicine attracting…


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Assent symposium in Mexico - better late than never!

Hi everyone, please see my blog on the Ethox website about an assent symposium at the World Congress of Bioethics in Mexico -http://www.ethox.ox.ac.uk/ethox-blog

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Consent and assent in paediatric research - special considerations in low income settings

There has been some discussion in the literature and in the guidelines about the ethical issues arising in research with children, one of which relates to the challenges of involving children in the decision-making process – the consent and assent process. However little has been written about the unique challenges related to consent and assent in paediatric research in low-income settings where research is most needed and the disease burden is high. The concept of assent in the current…


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