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Hi, everyone!

It's me Phuong from OUCRU, Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam..How's everyone doing with your projects so far?

As for me, I have finished designing the Health economics questionnaire for two projects in the area of HIVs being run in OUCRU.

The questionnaires have been incorporated in these project's protocols. The protocols of these two projects are handed over to Ministry of Health in Vietnam and are currently waiting for approval . We hope that we would get the approval in the next couple of weeks. After that we will start recruiting the patients and I will start the analysis phase as soon as I get hold of the data.

I hope that later I will be able to share the experiences on the interview to see whether the HIV patients willing to open up their expenses.

The first project will recruit about 450 HIV patients to compare the two health interventions to treat HIV patients.

The second project is multinational study and aims to recruit about 1000 patients for comparison between 2 health interventions to treat HIV patients.

At the moment I am aiming to write a paper to contribute for the Conference celebrated by Health economic Association in November 2011. The deadline of the paper registration will be by 30th September. I  tend to focus on the following topic: the allocation plan financing, the effectiveness of primary health care and health care facilities towards the people's health.

I think that this experience will be useful for me later when I start to write up for these two above projects.

I know that in the UK there is a very famous organization called National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. It is considered as a role model for many countries. I would like to ask you how the NICE issues the guidance on which health technology/ intervention is more appropriate for treating a specific disease, and how they are able to justify the ethical sides of the treatment,or their decision making?

Are there any framework involved? Should the framework of NICE can be applicable for the developing countries such as Vietnam?

Thank you,

I'm really looking forward to your reply,

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Comment by Dina Rippon on August 22, 2012 at 11:32

Thank you Phuong, for such an interesting summary of what you've been doing recently! It sounds like everything is going well. Are you the person who is designing the consent forms for recruiting the HIV patients in the study? If so, have you come across any problems in designing the consent forms, are you including anything special or different in the forms, or just using very standard consent forms? Do let us know how the ethics approval process goes - I wish you good luck with that.

As for how NICE justifies their ethical decision making, that is something I don't know. But you raise an interesting point. I hope some other members will be able to answer that question! I'll ask Mark Sheehan and see if he knows anything about this or can suggest where you can find an answer.

Good luck with going forward with your project, and we'd love to hear another update in a few months time!

Comment by Mark Sheehan on September 3, 2012 at 11:17

Hi Phuong,

NICE has what they call the Citizen's Council that was invoved in producing what is effectively their ethical framework - a document called 'Social Value Judgements' which you shoudl be able to find on the web. You might also have a look at the South Central Ethical Framework as an example (http://www.oxfordshirepct.nhs.uk/about-us/how-the-pct-works/documen...)

Tony Hope and I have just had a paper published in a collection called Medicine and Social Justice (eds. Rhodes, Battin and Silvers) which deals with these issues (including NICE) and may be helpful. I can email it to you if you'd like.



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