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Hi everyone,

Hope you have all been keeping well. 

We have been making progress with the benefits and payments study. We are still at the very initial stages of setting up our study. All the same, we have set a timeline for the different stages of the study. We will be starting off, end of this month, with a workshop with our community facilitators. We aim to use this workshop to work together with our experienced facilitators in helping us think through some of the planned work. It will also be an opportunity for the facilitators to get acquainted with using deliberative approaches in community consultation focusing on the issue of benefits and payments to research participants. 

The pilot phase will follow and this involves having an information sharing workshop with at least 10 of our programme fieldworkers drawn from various research projects. Shortly after, the workshop will be followed by small group discussions. The data drawn from the pilot phase will be analysed and will help inform our main phase which is set for the month of November. 

In the main phase we will be inviting 2 groups (30 participants per group) of various community members. Each group will be invited for an information sharing workshop and later invited for the small group discussions. For the small group discussions, we intend to split the individual groups into smaller groups of 4-5 participants for meaningful discussions.

In the meantime, we are working on the tools that will be used in these different stages of the study.

Looking forward to keeping you updated as the study rolls out. 

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Comment by Michael Parker on September 6, 2012 at 12:02
Hi Maureen. This is a great project and it sounds like it's going really well. The practical ethical issues around payments and benefits are really important for a lot of research centres and communities and I'm sure that the work you are doing will be relevant to a lot of the other MOPS. It would be interesting to hear from others about whether this issue has arisen in their work. Best wishes Mike
Comment by Dina Rippon on September 6, 2012 at 12:47

Thanks for the update Maureen. Congratulations on all the work you've done so far! I am sure the workshop you have with your community facilitators at the end of this month will be fascinating. Have any of them learned about deliberative appraoches before, or will this be the first time for all of them? I wonder how they will respond - I know, I was very intrigued by the deliberative approach when you talked about it at the summer school. I had actually never heard of such an approach before. Do let us know how the meeting goes and if anything happens that surprises you.

Comment by Paulina Tindana on September 12, 2012 at 10:36

Dear Maureen,

It's great to hear you are making some process with your work and I look forward to learning more about it. Are you planning to share your tools on this platform at some point before the study? I think this could provide an opportunity for some comments from Ethox and other MOPs. 

All the very best and look forward to reading more about the project


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