Ethics & Engagement across the Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programmes

Hello Everyone,

Hope you have all been well.

As earlier reported, we finished our data collection in May 2013 and we managed to hold a total of 5 workshops and 16 small group discussions with 90 people from various community groupings in Kilifi.

We presented some preliminary findings at the Summer school in Bangkok in July of this year as well as at the Oxford Tropical Network Meeting held in Kilifi in early November, 2013.

We have finished our data analysis and it has been an interesting learning process. At the moment we are at the initial process of writing up a manuscript for the benefits study and we look forward to having this published in the near future. I hope that it will have a great impact on how we think about benefits and payments and the involvement of community members in helping us better understand complex ethical issues that we are grappling with at our diverse research centers.

As we look forward to the Christmas season, I wish you all a great time and hope to see you next year.



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