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End of Year Update on The reproduction of Knowledge around HIV self-testing through a social network approach.


The project started at slow pace due to the delays that were experienced in trying to get the ethics approval for the activities to start. Initially activities were supposed to start in March but the approval came on 31st May, 2013. This then meant that the main activities started in June. By 1st July a Research Assistant was recruited to help in conducting interviews. By the end of September a total of 60 interviews were conducted marking the end of data collection. Meanwhile the interviews have been on a long cue awaiting transcription by MLW team of transcribers which is the only team authorised to do this kind of work here. At the mean time initial analysis is on-going while transcription is going on as well. We are planning to transcribe and do analysis on 40 interviews of which only 10 have been transcribed to date.


While data collection was a success, the down side was on locating participants to one of the starting points; the science cafe. The fact is that the science cafe that we targeted had happened way before the implementation of this project and that the reality has been that it was difficult to get people who participated or who remembers a lot about it. However this does not mean that we did not collect significant data from those that we managed to interview only that we did not get the planned amount of participants however the data that we collected from those few individuals is pointing us in the right direction; it will no doubt help in informing the study.


As indicated above, the project is still underway and currently focusing mainly on transcribing the interviews that we conducted. However a number of activities related to this project took place within the year. 

Before data collection started, we conducted a one day protocol training which targeted the study’s Research Assistant (RA) and other RAs from other smaller studies within MLW and College of Medicine. This training was facilitated by me and one of the PHD students from college of medicine. Regular updates on the progress of the project were given at every project technical meetings held at MLW. Since the study was being conducted in a Hit TB Hard catchment area, all Hit TB Hard staff members including volunteers and staff members of other studies were also sensitized on the project.


We have planned to finalize data analysis at the end of March 2014 since transcription is on going until end of February 2014. This means that we will be able to present the final findings probably during the next summer school.

Finally, I am wishing everyone a very prosperous 2014.

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Comment by Michael Parker on March 2, 2014 at 20:39

Hi Rodrick. This is such a great project.  It sounds like the research has been going really well and I am sure that you have some wonderful data. How is the analysis going?

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