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GHBN Bursaries progress blog: Issues surrounding uptake of maternal and neonatal vaccinations in ethnic communities in Dak Lak Province Viet Nam

Greetings from Vietnam.

My GHBN bursary project in Vietnam is a trial with 2 groups of ethnic minority communities with low vaccine uptake in Dak Lak province, central Vietnam. Using quantitative (a survey of 170-200 people) and qualitative (FGDs and IDIs) research methods we aim to explore perceptions and barriers to vaccine uptake. The intervention group (20 communes) will receive increased community engagement activities to strengthen communication skills of the district health workers, and activities which improve the understanding and acceptance of vaccine. The control group (20 communes) only receives the usual vaccine promotion activities. In both groups, the local Preventive Medicine Centre (PMC) will then conduct three rounds of vaccination. By comparing the uptake rates between 2 groups and explore participants’ experiences we will evaluate the community engagement activities and hope to make recommendations to strengthen the national vaccination programme.

Changes in the local government have meant that we have had to reapply to work in this province, which has delayed data collection. However now the quantitative data collection is underway; > 160 surveys have been collected on public perception and behaviours related to vaccine uptake. In the control group, the PMC has finished the first round of vaccination and planned to continue the second round in late September. In the intervention group the in-depth interviews and focus group discussions will be conducted in Sept/Oct 2018 to explore more deeply the socio-cultural factors that have shaped views towards vaccines. These findings will help us design community engagement activities that are appropriate to the local context.

Whilst waiting for permissions I have done an analysis of how the online news media in Vietnam (controlled sites) have portrayed the infant Quinvaxem vaccine and associated adverse events in 2013/14.  This analysis will result in a publication shortly.

Thank you to GHBN for supporting me to make this happen.

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Comment by Dina Rippon on September 24, 2018 at 14:58

Dear Ha, thank you for sharing such a thorough update of your project! It sounds like you've been quite busy - congratulations on gathering so many surveys. It will be interesting to hear how your interviews and focus groups go this month and next. In the meantime, great to hear that you're already working on an article on how the online news media have portrayed that vaccine and associated adverse events. Can you please share with us a couple of sentences on how these were portrayed? I'm curious! Thanks again for a great update and I look forward to hearing more. Best wishes, Dina

Comment by Michael Parker on October 2, 2018 at 8:31

Thanks Ha. This is such an important issue and there is a real need for research. I'm veer much looking forward to hearing about your project as it progresses. All the best. Mike

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