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Project on Strengthening research frontline staff(field workers) capacity as a means to enhance CE- Updates

Dear all,
I am indeed privileged and honored to post to e-mops the first update with regards to this project. Having been awarded last year, the bursary project broadly set out to understand the ways and approaches through which research frontline staff can be effectively and appropriately supported through support supervision, training and performance management in international health research centers in Sub Saharan Africa.

To achieve this, the project was rolled out in two phases.
1: Mapping out current practices in health research institutions in Africa: This used telephone discussions/interview to identify current practices pertaining to the above parameters and the practical and ethical challenges faced by frontline staff in their day to day activities from . 20 centres were identifies and 18 agreed to participate in the discussion. This phase ended in June and the data was transcribed and chatted using an agreed coding framework. Highlights of this data will be presented in the summer school in Blantyre, Malawi. Worth noting is that the data shows important differences between centers with regards to performance management, supportive supervision and capacity building. On the other hand, there were common characteristics among centers, for example regarding the perceived importance of the roles FWS play in Supporting research, the important role frontline staff play in serving as a link between research centers and the community and the types of constraints centres face in supporting frontline staff.

2: The second phase involved Conducting a consultative workshop with research frontline staff stakeholders, including coordinators, managers and other experts who have rich experiences in research frontline operational and structural issues. This workshop was successfully held between 3rd to 5th July 2014 and attended by a total of 16 international and 4 local delegates coming from a total of 11 different countries. Data from this workshop is yet to be transcribed and analyses. Worth noting is that all participants reiterated the important roles research frontline staff play in supporting research and appreciated the wide ranging nature, complexity and magnitude of both practical and ethical challenges they experience. The workshop delegates proposed important strategies for supporting frontline staff to address the challenges they (research frontline staff) experience and made important recommendations requiring strategic consideration and reflection; going forward...stay tuned!!
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