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Therapeutic misconception in research in developing countries

Read the Ethox Centre's newest blog post by Angeliki Kerasidou on therapeutic misconception in research in developing countries here: http://www.ethox.org.uk/ethox-blog

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Comment by Michael Parker on March 6, 2013 at 8:25

This is a really interesting blog on the topic of the therapeutic misconception - the idea that sometimes research participants will take part in research believing that this is clinical practice rather than research. This is sometimes portrayed as a particular problem in low-income settings (which it may be) but there is also a lot of research now to show that people in all settings often misunderstand the consent process and the distinction between research and treatment. I wonder what people think about this worry (in low-income settings). Do you think it matters if people misunderstand or is the main thing that the risks of the research are low? Any thoughts?

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