Ethics & Engagement across the Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programmes

Summer School 2021 Information - Virtual Summer School on Zoom


Summer School 2021 Agenda

Summer School Resources

Session 1

Introduction - Mike & Dina

Session 2

Part 1: Presentations from GHBN Bursary Fellows

Mira Schneiders - MORU GHBN Research Fellow update - COMING SOON!

Nipaphan Kanthawang - Co-creating information materials with communities to improve the informed consent process

Jane Kahindi - Using animation video as a tool to engage communities about biobanking

Gertrude Banda - No slides

Yemisrach Zewdie - Exploring the experiences and challenges of IRB members in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Wezzie Nyapigoti - Research stakeholders' views on appropriate compensation and benefits for study participation in Malawi

Part 2: Post-COVID future of global health bioethics

There were no slides shared at this panel, but here is the link to the padlet where we shared our thoughts on the issue: https://padlet.com/dinarippon/tv9yjm4lixx4883

Session 3

Part 1: Epidemic Ethics

Susan Bull - Epidemic Ethics overview

Ilana Ambrogi - Mapping ethical issues

Part 2: Decolonization

Sassy Molyneux & Dorcas Kamuya - Decolonization and global health research ethics in Africa

Session 4

Part 1: Updates from GHBN PhD students and Senior Fellows

Nancy Mwangome - Continuing education for adolescent mothers in Kilifi County

Blessings Kapumba - The social and ethical implications of ancillary care provision in Southern Africa, Malawi

Frances Butcher - No slides used

Deborah Nyirenda - An investigation of approaches to enhance community engagement in global health research in Africa

Primus Che Chi - No slides used

Busi Nkosi - The acceptability and ethical challenges of using telephones and online platforms for informed consent and data collection during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Part 2: Research ethics in the pandemic & lessons learned from COVID

Susan Bull - Pandemic research ethics

Phaik Yeong Cheah - New initiatives in data sharing

Maureen Kelley - Rapid but robust research ethics review in a pandemic: Five "live lessons" from COVID-19

Mike Parker - No slides used

Session 5 

Part 1: Special session organized by GHBN Senior Fellows: Co-producing locally embedded interventions to support fieldworkers

Patricia Kingori - Coming soon

Busi Nkosi  - Coming soon

Part 2: Update session: sharing reseach/outputs from across the network

Maureen Kelley - REACH - Coming soon!

Alex Hinga & Dorcas Kamuya - Investigating ethical and social issues in the context of COVID-19 to inform policy and practice

Robin Vincent - Working relationships across difference: a realist review of community engagement with malaria research

Yen, Ida & Samita - SPEAR Project presentation

Phaik Yeong Cheah - AMR Dialogues

Mike Parker - GLIDE - Coming soon!

Session 6

Part 1: The Future of the GHBN 

No slides shared in this session (Summary of discussion coming soon)

Part 2: Summer School Finale

Video stream of clips from members (see YouTube playlist for video)

GHBN Playlist and discussion of music (see YouTube playlist for video recording of this session)

Draft version of GHBN 10th Anniversary Book: 



Comment by Dorcas Kamuya on June 14, 2021 at 12:40

Really enjoyed reading the booklet! Such an amazing collection of stories, reflections, experiences, achievements. Huge congratulations to GHBN!

Comment by Dina Rippon on June 14, 2021 at 12:44

Thanks Dorcas! We're lucky to have so many wonderful members!

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