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Christmas Update!!!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you have all been well.

As earlier reported, we finished our data collection in May 2013 and we managed to hold a total of 5 workshops and 16 small group discussions with 90 people from various community groupings in Kilifi.

We presented some preliminary findings at the Summer school in Bangkok in July of this year as well as at the Oxford Tropical Network Meeting held in Kilifi in early November, 2013.

We have finished our data analysis and…


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Aiming higher for children living without parents

Read Ariella Binik's latest post on the Ethox blog here: http://www.ethox.org.uk/ethox-blog

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Should we be concerned with the extinction of the Asian rhinoceros?

Read the latest Ethox blog post by Angeliki Kerasidou here:


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Up date on Informed consent in VietNam project

Dear all, I hope everything is good to you. It has been a while since I received the award on project: Informed consent form in Viet Nam. To keep you update with what we have been done and up to. We finalized the protocol and submitted to 2 ethical committees, received approval from one institution (Children Hospital No.1), we are now preparing some activities in order to start recruiting and interviewing potential participants such as: mobilizing staff, GCP/protocol/ICF training (maybe…


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Malaria, drug resistance and mobile and migrants population in Cambodia: from research to strategy

The movement of populations in malaria-endemic areas poses a major threat to the spread of artemisinin resistance along the Cambodia–Thailand border. Mobile and migrant populations (MMP) are usually poorly connected to routine public health interventions and surveillance systems and therefore represent a vulnerable group with regards to the malaria control and elimination. Targeting this population has therefore been identified as a strategic priority, however the information needed to do…


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Photos from the summer school!

Photos from the latest summer school in Bangkok are now up in the 'PowerPoint Slides from 2013 group'! Do let me know if any of you have trouble accessing it, or, if you are not a member of that group but would still like to view the photos.

Thanks to everyone for such a fantastic week!


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2nd Annual Summer School off to a great start!

The Global Health Bioethics Network 2nd Annual Summer School began this week! In the first two days this group of 38 participants from at least ten different countries has bonded over shared interests in ethics, community engagement, and other issues affecting health research in low income countries. Vibrant and passionate discussions have taken place on topics such as payments and benefits to research participants, ethical issues encountered in the field by frontline data collectors, and…


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The ethics of medical practice on the frontline of austerity

The newest Ethox blog post has been written by two e-MOPs members - Angeliki Kerasidou and Patricia Kingori. It focuses on 'The ethics of medical practice on the frontline of austerity.'

You can access the blog here: http://www.ethox.org.uk/ethox-blog

Do feel free to share your thoughts and comments on it!

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Call for papers for PCST conference- “Science communication for social inclusion and political engagement”.


Call for Proposals: 13th International Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference, Brazil

The 13th International PCST (Public Communication of Science and Technology) Conference is to be held in Salvador, Brazil, on 5-8 May 2014, with the theme “Science communication for social inclusion and political engagement”. The PCST International Network, which organises the conference, and the Brazilian conference hosts are…


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Summer School agenda

The latest version of the summer school agenda and initial logistics for the summer school in Bangkok can now be found by hovering your mouse over the 'Events' tab and clicking on 'Summer School 2013', or by visiting the page here: https://e-mops.ning.com/page/summer-school-2013

If you have any questions, let me know!

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Views on Consent in research in Vietnam

Read the latest Ethox blog by one of our e-MOPs members, Binh Nguyen Thi Cam! The title is: 'Cultural issues in obtaining informed consent: what do they mean for the standard of practice?'

You can find Binh's blog post here: http://www.ethox.org.uk/ethox-blog

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Benefits study update

Hello everyone,

Hope you have been keeping well. Kindly follow the link to view the Benefits study update.  Benefits study Update

Looking forward to seeing you all at the summer school.



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Over the last three months, my main focus had been to get the protocol approved by College of medicine Research and Ethics Committee (COMREC) but also to ensure that all preparatory work is completed. Although the protocol hasn't been approved yet, a lot has been achieved especially in trying to prepare for data collection. I have recruited a Research Assistant (RA) who will help in data collection, the position…


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Consent and assent in paediatric research - special considerations in low income settings

There has been some discussion in the literature and in the guidelines about the ethical issues arising in research with children, one of which relates to the challenges of involving children in the decision-making process – the consent and assent process. However little has been written about the unique challenges related to consent and assent in paediatric research in low-income settings where research is most needed and the disease burden is high. The concept of assent in the current…


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New Updates!

Hi everyone!

I just thought I'd share with you a couple of updates to the website.

New information about this year's summer school is now available here.

The draft of a revised version of the Declration of Helsinki is out! We have until mid-June to contribute our thoughts. Share your opinions in our new group:…


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Dr Livingstone, I presume

This interesting story about Dr Livingstone, his influence on medical knowledge (particularly malaria) just appeared on the BBC website. I would be really interested to know what you think about this story and about what it says about attitudes to medical research in low-income settings. You can find the story here:


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New Publications!

Check out the latest publications being put out by the MOPs!


MORU and Ethox have put out an article on community advisory boards in the Thai-Myanmar border; Kilifi have articles on the FEAST study, on sickle cell (available shortly) and a set of articles in Developing World Bioethics. Congratulations to our MOP researchers on these recent publications!

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Therapeutic misconception in research in developing countries

Read the Ethox Centre's newest blog post by Angeliki Kerasidou on therapeutic misconception in research in developing countries here: http://www.ethox.org.uk/ethox-blog

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Progress on "Phoum Peet: Promoting Village Health in Cambodia through Community Engagement"

We now have two village malaria workers (VMWs) in place since October 2012 and they have tested a total of 34 individuals of which 10 were positive and treated for malaria. We have identified 8 new sponsors and are in the process of setting up a website for easy payment. Once this is online and the payments have been made we will recruit further VMWs. We are setting up an initial website for reporting to sponsors and coordinating the scheme. The research on the ethical issues encountered by…


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Have we all been deceived?

In the latest Ethox blog post, Aimi Yusof discusses the dangers of failing to publish negative trial results. Read her blog post here: http://www.ethox.org.uk/ethox-blog

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