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Wrapping up Fieldworkers project

Every year Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust (MLW) recruits new staff to join the various projects within the programme, a good percentage of these staff is dominated by Fieldworkers (FWs). In 2015 MLW had about 87 FWs, over the years we have seen the number increasing up to 130. Principal Investigators (PI) manage their respective FWs.  The increasing number drew our attention to embark on a small bursary project which aimed at exploring experiences of the FWs and how we can improve ethical…


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Fieldworkers' study at Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust

My study’s focus is on ethical challenges faced by fieldworkers, it is one of its kind here in Malawi because so far there’s no study that has targeted fieldworkers.  The study has delayed for a while due to other reasons beyond my control but at present am happy to share that it’s progressing.  Fieldworkers, Study Coordinators and Principal Investigators are involved, the main objectives are to understand ethical issues surrounding Fieldworkers in their day to day work, their…


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My new position in Science communication department.

Last time i shared about a progress of my study on my blog but today i would like to acknowledge all my colleagues and members of this network. On 1st April i started working as a Community Engagement Coordinator in Science communication department. I believe this has been achieved by experiences and knowledge i have gained through collaborations and interaction within this Bioethics network. One of my key roles in this new position is to establish a platform for supporting Fieldworkers at…


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Fieldworkers' reception of the bursary project.

Recently MLW science communication team engaged staff members at Chikwawa site to orient them on  how the department operates and some activities  coming  next year.  Rodrick took advantage of the meeting to introduce a bursary project whose focus is on fieldworkers including those working at the site, it was so  interesting learning that all of them have positive expectations for the project. One of them pointed out that  they are looking forward  to  the outcome of the study which will be…


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Update on Fieldworkers' bursary

Hello everyone,

Just wanted share a quick update on the progress of fieldworkers'; so far after an initial submission there was one comment to be addressed. We have now resubmitted hoping the protocol will  finally approved and then move to another stage.

 Thank you.

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Laying a foundation for Fieldworkers’ bursary at MLW

My thoughts about fieldworkers at Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust (MLW) grew into a passion in 2013 when Dorcas visited the institution; because of her visit Science Communication department organized a meeting for her to interact with this group of staff who since then were working in their different projects without knowing each other’s role. Personally I didn’t attend the meeting because of other commitments at a field site but upon my return each fieldworker who attended the meeting…


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