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Update on my project

Dear all,

Trust you are keeping well. This is just to update you on my progress with my project. It seems I am still struggling to finish the manuscript. I took a small break from it and see whether going back to the data will bring any fresh perspectives worth sharing with the 'world'. I feel the break worked and am on it now hoping in a week or two will have something to share again with my co-authors.

Best regards


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My Experience with manuscript writing

One of the main outcomes of my bursary is a manuscript from the project " ‘Facing Our Fears’: Facilitated Film Viewings as a Community Engagement Tool in Research  involving MSM in Kenya". I already shared first draft with co-authors and received their feedback... I must say I received very tough criticism which I am glad because its an indication that they read the paper. Moreover it was constructive criticism that is helping shape the next draft and results I can bet will be a better…


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Impact of WHO HIV treatment guidelines on MSM research community engagement activities

Happy New Year everyone.

In September 2015 WHO released new HIV treatment guidelines recommending immediate treatment for all individuals that test positive for HIV regardless of their CD4 cell count. These guidelines are pegged on the evidence that earlier use of ART results better, long-term clinical outcomes for people living with HIV as well as reduce transmission and decrease HIV acquisition risk at the population level. Concerns have however been raised regarding the…


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Facilitated Film Viewings as a Community Engagement Tool

Hi everyone, First of all I am very exited as the newest kid on the block as a GHBN bursary fellow. I am now in the process of analyzing and writing up my findings on Facilitated Film Viewings as a Community Engagement Tool in Research involving men who have sex with other men. What is apparent is that film is such a strong communication tool with power to enlighten, educate or persuade people on the importance of HIV research with MSM or other key populations. I will continue with writing…


Added by Bernadette Kombo on October 21, 2015 at 9:30 — 7 Comments

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