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Today - Weds 30th July 2014, the new items on e-MOPs I'd like to draw your attention to are:

- Our Twitter Feed is on e-MOPs now! You'll see all our latest tweets on the left hand side of our home page (e-mops.ning.com). Follow us on Twitter: @GHBEorg

- The WT has put out a request for proposals on data linkage. More information in the 'News & Resources' box on our home page.

- The Ethox Centre and Green Templeton College have launched the 'Andrew Markus Visiting Scholar in Medical Ethics at Oxford' scheme. Deadline for applications is April 2015. Find more information in the 'News & Resources' box on our home page.

- Ariella Binik has posted a new blog on the Ethox website about the ethical implications of early access to medicines. Read it here: ethox.ox.ac.uk/ethox-blog

Previous posts on the Ethox blog can always be found underneath the current post.

- Mikey Dunn from Ethox is an author on a new publication: Difficult Decisions - A Tool for Care Workers: Managing ethical dilemmas when caring for children and families of key populations. You can find the resource here: careworkerethics.org

- The Brocher Foundation is hosting a symposium on: Exploring the Ethics of Effective Health Systems Research in Low and Middle Income Countries, on September 15-16. Several members of our network will be presenting at this symposium, including Dr Sassy Molyneux and Dr Paulina Tindana. More information, including information on how to register can be found in the 'Courses' section of our website (scroll down until you reach the entry for this symposium): https://e-mops.ning.com/page/courses

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Comment by Dina Rippon on July 31, 2014 at 17:04

Calling all GHBN Members - enter this photo competition! http://e-mops.ning.com/profiles/blogs/calling-all-ghbn-members-phot...

Comment by Dina Rippon on August 1, 2014 at 18:39

I meant to share this with all of you earlier - a great blog post about our summer school by Bobbie Farsides: http://e-mops.ning.com/profiles/blogs/6508223:BlogPost:5791

Comment by Dina Rippon on September 3, 2014 at 15:27

New Wellcome Trust funding scheme called DELTAS-Africa. The website (http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/Funding/Biomedical-science/Funding-scheme...) states:

The vision of DELTAS Africa is to support the African-led development of world-class researchers and research leaders in Africa. This new generation of scientists will play a major part in shaping and driving a locally relevant health research agenda in Africa, contributing to improved health and development in the continent.

Take a look at the website link above. Perhaps your institution might be interested? Deadlines are:

  • Preliminary application deadline: 17.00 GMT, 2 October 2014
  • Invitation to submit a full application: 24 November 2014
  • Full application deadline: 17.00 GMT, 29 January 2015
  • Funding Committee meeting: early May 2015
  • Funding decisions communicated: mid-May 2015
Comment by Dina Rippon on September 9, 2014 at 10:34

The GHBN has two new Bursary Fellows - Lindsey Reynolds and Miliswa Magongo of the Africa Centre, South Africa! Please visit their project page here to find out what they're working on: http://e-mops.ning.com/page/featured-project-representing-and-inter...

Comment by Dina Rippon on October 18, 2014 at 14:44

Hello all,

Two articles of potential interest:

1) Using the Emanuel et al. Framework to Assess Ethical Issues Raised by a Biomedical Research Ethics Committee in South Africa, Joyce M. Tsoka-Gwegweni and Douglas R. Wassenaar, Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics 1–10, 2014.

2) Randomised controlled trials for Ebola: practical and ethical issues, Clement Adewamobo et al., The Lancet, published online Oct 10, 2014.

You can find PDFs of both articles on the e-MOPs website here (you must be signed into e-MOPs as a member to access these!):http://e-mops.ning.com/page/mop-reccommended-readings-december-2012

Comment by Dina Rippon on October 20, 2014 at 14:53

Dear All,

Those of you following this blog should have received an email already about the newest content up on e-MOPs. To the information in that email, I would like to add the following:

- The new Oxford Univeristy courses featured in the 'Courses' section of our website are all short-courses, organized by the Department of Continuing Education. You do *not* need to be a fully enrolled Oxford student to take any of these courses. So if any of the courses catch your interest, do look them up online.

- If any of you would like to add anything to the Summer School report, share comments, thoughts, or start a discussion, please do so using the 'comment' box on the page. We would love to hear from you!

Kind regards,


Comment by Dina Rippon on December 19, 2014 at 12:22

UZIKWASA, an NGO operating in Tanzania is looking for a Tanzanian Social Scientist to carry out Monitoring & Evaluation work, and research. See e-MOPs home page (in the 'news & resources' box) for the full job description. Deadline to apply is 15th January 2015.

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