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First article on MDA in Malaria Elimination - with emphasis on Community Engagement - ready to get published...

Finally, after more than 2 years of work on an article on Mass Drug Administration in Malaria Elimination - with emphasis on Community Engagement - it is getting ready to get published. Several interviews with international senior malaria researchers and policy makers from SEA, USA and Australia have been extracted, analyzed and the info put into a nice and understandable form....  

Interesting feed back from people who do know-, should know and who make the rules...

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Comment by Dina Rippon on May 9, 2018 at 12:52

Dear Nils, thank you for this update. It's great to hear that you are so far along in your article! Can you please share with us some of the most interesting - or perhaps most surprising - feedback that you received? Best wishes, Dina

Comment by Nils Kaehler on May 14, 2018 at 12:18

As the article is not yet published do I have to be a little careful with giving out information, but we found that there was a big gap in communication between researchers and policy-makers, meaning that possibly impacting decision may sometimes been made without a full understanding of the topic/problem. Several other factors do influence decision making as well which are further described in the article. Community Engagement has generally been considered as crucial and  important tool in a successful Mass Drug Administration.  

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